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"Food for working women", how to eat to balance life

“Food for working women”, how to eat to balance life

Girls, do you know that “Working age”It is the age of the most complete and healthy body, and “working age” is also the age that uses the most energy in life. By the energy spent on that work Most of them will be spent using the brain or

The wrong "sitting posture" should not be seated

The wrong “sitting posture” should not be seated

Come see the “sitting posture” that makes life change! With wrong sitting posture That many people overlook Even if you sit for a long time Or sit until it becomes a habit It can cause problems for the bone or back for the rest of your life. Because the symptoms will gradually accumulate He

"Broken heels" Give out 5 spa recipes

“Broken heels” Give out 5 spa recipes

“Broken heels” together, myself “feet”, it is a matter that we should focus on. If you touch or touch it, you feel rough or rough, and not smooth and soft. It may seem that we are in poor health and do not take care of ourselves. Today, if anyone wants soft

Eat sugar like a pro!, check sugar

Eat sugar like a pro!, check sugar

Check sugar before eating “fruit”, check “sugar” yet? Ladies do you know? . In the fruit there is quite a bit of sugar. Today we invite everyone to check the sugar content. Each of these types. has different quantities. Some fruits are so overwhelming that we are shocked. But some can eat many pieces.

The reason we need an annual "health check"

The reason we need an annual “health check”

The reason we need an annual health check. Is it time yet. to “check up” Yearly? When it comes to the saying that. prevention is 10 times cheaper than “cure” and knowing the disease early. It would be the best to reduce the loss. Both in terms of the

"Cosmetics", How to keep it for long time

“Cosmetics”, How to keep it for long time

Our face is not beautiful enough. Endurance of cosmetics and skin care, skin care must be strong as well. How to store it to help extend the life of the cosmetics for a longer time. The weather is hot and swollen like ours right now. We can hardly

"Benefits of green tea" that helps to "slim"

“Benefits of green tea” that helps to “slim”

Benefits of green tea. Reasons to wake up to drink “green tea”. Do women ever know? What is green tea? The secret of green tea you need to know. Come on. let’s get to know green tea at the same time. Know “green tea” that helps to “slim”

Why eating pineapples and burning your tongue?

Why eating pineapples and burning your tongue?

That we eat pineapple and itchy and itchy tongue This is because an enzyme in pineapples is call “bromelain”, which has the ability to degrade proteins in the intestine. And our tongues are coated with natural proteins. This enzyme is then digested. Causing a burning sensation But don’t panic. Because our tongue

Say goodbye to "acne vulgaris"

Say goodbye to “acne vulgaris”

“Acne vulgaris”  or Acne Aestivale is one of the types of “acne“ that is a problem that bothers women incessantly. We know? Especially during hot weather Blemishes tend to pop more on the face than usual. Makes us feel no less annoyed True, although the treatment is not difficult But it is not

"Office Syndrome", stretch to relax the muscles

“Office Syndrome”, stretch to relax the muscles

Office Syndrome Considered a popular symptom of the working-age group With the behavior of work that has to sit in front of the computer for a long time. The hand is holding the mouse or keyboard in the same position. Including sitting in the hunchback. Or sitting in the wrong