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How to choose "food according to blood type"

How to choose “food according to blood type”

Each person’s blood type affects the food choices they consume. Which are quite different due to the different digestion If choosing to eat the food according to type. It will allow the body to use nutrients to its fullest, on the other hand, if the food does not

7 Simple "collect hair" ideas, beautiful hairstyle

7 Simple “collect hair” ideas, beautiful hairstyle

Do Sis girls think the same as when the weather is hot? It makes me feel very annoyed and uncomfortable because when walking around, I have to face a moment of sweat. And also makes you do not want to make up, dress or do beautiful hair as well. Especially

็็"Healthy food, clean food" menus help control weight

“Healthy food, clean food” menus help control weight

This trend of clean eating is not as popular as it was in the past. But it is a trend that is important for people who love to be polite Want to take care of your figure to look good Because exercise may not be the only solution for achieving your

7 simple tips! How to take care of yourself to be healthy

7 simple tips! How to take care of yourself to be healthy

This year, many people are setting new goals. Whether it is a job and a job Life goals Including being healthy Can see that nowadays people turn their attention And pay more attention to health Whether it is making myself sleep well Healthy Or getting out of stress when we learn to take

"Beautiful Skin Tips", With Treatment From Home

“Beautiful Skin Tips”, With Treatment From Home

Doing home treatments. It may improve relaxation for us and our skin a lot during these situations. Even if the store closes, the clinic will not have, but our skin will need to be maintained as before. Even during this period, I did not go out anywhere Let’s take