“Beautiful Skin Tips”, With Treatment From Home

Doing home treatments. It may improve relaxation for us and our skin a lot during these situations. Even if the store closes, the clinic will not have, but our skin will need to be maintained as before. Even during this period, I did not go out anywhere Let’s take this opportunity to keep our skin bouncy and clear. Launched to meet other people again to be amazed today, GL has easily picked up a facial treatment. It is not difficult to follow.

Clean and exfoliate your face

1. Hold the hair so that I do not cover my face

Use a rubber band or a hair band to keep all the hair out of your face.

2. Wash your face with a gentle cleansing gel or foam

Use warm water instead of cold or hot water for the best temperature for sensitive skin. In which all makeup must be removed before starting the treatment

3. Use a scrub or other exfoliating product

This is because exfoliation will help remove the dead skin cells that have accumulated in the top layer. The face is clearer, not a dark doctor. It is an important step of the treatment that has it.

4. Wash your face and pat it dry

Wash your face again to make sure there is no residue from the scrub. It is recommended to use a small towel soaked in warm water to wipe it off again. And then pat the face dry with a towel again

5. Massage your face before applying skin care.

Massage improves blood circulation. Try to massage your face before starting your skincare routine for better results. Starting with the index and middle fingers, gently massage the forehead from the middle to the sides. Then massage from the nose to the cheeks.

Clean pores

1. Steam to open pores

A steaming session before the treatment will open the pores in preparation for the next step of marking or removing dirt. Which we can easily do By boiling the water, pour it into a bowl the size of your face, stand over the bowl with a towel over your head to trap steam from the surface. The steam stays there for about 5 minutes, but you can turn to outside if you want.

2. Mark the next page

When the pores are open and ready for treatment So we start to mask or remove dirt from the pores. You can choose from a sheet mask, clay mask, cream mask, or even a simple homemade mask depending on the recipe we like.

3.Wait for the mark for 15 minutes

While waiting for the mark for 15 minutes, you can also mash your eyes at the same time, which can be used as sliced ​​cucumbers, tomatoes, or chilled tea bags. So that our eyes are cleared along with the facial skin

4. Wash your face and pat it dry

Wash your face with warm water to remove the mask completely. To prevent later clogging We can use a small cloth soaked in cold water and put it on the full face. Press it on the face and then wipe it off again to remove residue and tighten pores. And then mop the face to dry

How are you doing with the trick that we picked up and leave each other? Because it may cause our face to become inflamed And after completing the treatment steps Do not forget to apply skin care to add moisture and nourish the skin as well.