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"Cosmetics", How to keep it for long time

“Cosmetics”, How to keep it for long time

Our face is not beautiful enough. Endurance of cosmetics and skin care, skin care must be strong as well. How to store it to help extend the life of the cosmetics for a longer time. The weather is hot and swollen like ours right now. We can hardly

Say goodbye to "acne vulgaris"

Say goodbye to “acne vulgaris”

“Acne vulgaris”  or Acne Aestivale is one of the types of “acne“ that is a problem that bothers women incessantly. We know? Especially during hot weather Blemishes tend to pop more on the face than usual. Makes us feel no less annoyed True, although the treatment is not difficult But it is not

5 "Quick take care of yourself tips" Make it beautiful

5 “Quick take care of yourself tips” Make it beautiful

Beautiful, we are convinced that young women today have to face duties. And working so hard that you don’t have time to take care of yourself So I am inevitably let my face and skin look worn out. We understands this problem well. Today we

7 Simple "collect hair" ideas, beautiful hairstyle

7 Simple “collect hair” ideas, beautiful hairstyle

Do Sis girls think the same as when the weather is hot? It makes me feel very annoyed and uncomfortable because when walking around, I have to face a moment of sweat. And also makes you do not want to make up, dress or do beautiful hair as well. Especially

"Beautiful Skin Tips", With Treatment From Home

“Beautiful Skin Tips”, With Treatment From Home

Doing home treatments. It may improve relaxation for us and our skin a lot during these situations. Even if the store closes, the clinic will not have, but our skin will need to be maintained as before. Even during this period, I did not go out anywhere Let’s take