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The charm of Thai "street food"

The charm of Thai “street food”

When talking about street food or street food with foreigners. Thai street food is one of the first things foreigners think of. This makes street food look as one of the traditional Thai culture that foreigners want to try. More importantly, it can also indicate that eating is a big deal

"Food for working women", how to eat to balance life

“Food for working women”, how to eat to balance life

Girls, do you know that “Working age”It is the age of the most complete and healthy body, and “working age” is also the age that uses the most energy in life. By the energy spent on that work Most of them will be spent using the brain or

Eat sugar like a pro!, check sugar

Eat sugar like a pro!, check sugar

Check sugar before eating “fruit”, check “sugar” yet? Ladies do you know? . In the fruit there is quite a bit of sugar. Today we invite everyone to check the sugar content. Each of these types. has different quantities. Some fruits are so overwhelming that we are shocked. But some can eat many pieces.

Why eating pineapples and burning your tongue?

Why eating pineapples and burning your tongue?

That we eat pineapple and itchy and itchy tongue This is because an enzyme in pineapples is call “bromelain”, which has the ability to degrade proteins in the intestine. And our tongues are coated with natural proteins. This enzyme is then digested. Causing a burning sensation But don’t panic. Because our tongue

"Healthy Food", the food you deserve

“Healthy Food”, the food you deserve

Healthy Food, a healthy choice because “food” directly affects “health”, food choices. are important. Today let’s look at 5 types of food, Healthy Food. 1. Organic, not contaminated with chemicals Organic is a food that can be obtained from nature. No chemical contamination In both production and processing

"Vegetarian Pizza" This tray is especially

“Vegetarian Pizza” This tray is especially

If you are a vegetarian and you want to eat pizza, what should you do? Feel comfortable Because today, the jar of dot com provides a vegetarian pizza recipe This vegetarian pizza tray has the full name “Barbecue Tofu & Mushroom Pizza”, a recipe from Housekeeper Magazine. I can’t believe

็็"Healthy food, clean food" menus help control weight

“Healthy food, clean food” menus help control weight

This trend of clean eating is not as popular as it was in the past. But it is a trend that is important for people who love to be polite Want to take care of your figure to look good Because exercise may not be the only solution for achieving your