“Healthy food, clean food” menus help control weight

This trend of clean eating is not as popular as it was in the past. But it is a trend that is important for people who love to be polite Want to take care of your figure to look good Because exercise may not be the only solution for achieving your goals. But food is very important. Even with vigorous exercise, if you do not eat carefully, you will have to return to fat. Today we have a menu of clean, interesting, delicious food to leave, try to do it, try to taste it, it is another option that helps to control food along with exercise. When having a good routine Good eating, of course, good health will follow sooner or later.

To lose weight, diet, the thing that needs to be reduced the most is ” starch ” and another thing that many people think must reduce as well. Is there an effect? This is as important as powder ever. That thing is ” sodium “, which sodium In foods that are condiments such as salt, fermented fish sauce, shrimp paste, fish sauce, etc. Therefore, good weight loss requires reducing the flour and sodium together.

Top 5 dishes for clean food,  easy to make menu

  • Tuna Bread
  • Scrambled Egg + Tuna Sandwich
  • Brown rice mixed with pineapple and chicken breast
  • Brown rice, egg, tuna
  • Tom Yum Noodles with Brown Rice

It is a stylish and modern menu. But not missing the good taste It has a great taste of egg and tuna. Served with 1 fresh passion fruit. Ingredients include 1 egg yolk and 2 egg whites (it is said that we can eat up to 5 egg whites per day, but we emphasize that only egg whites. At most, one egg a day is enough), then 2 slices of whole wheat bread, tuna in mineral water Fresh vegetables can be chosen as you like. As for the method of making, they come together to make the figure as in the picture. Just like this, you can get 1 clean food that doesn’t need to be seasoned. Can be delicious as well Plus good for your health