10 Fruits and vegetables, grow their own food

Many of you may have been comfortable buying vegetables from a market or supermarket. But if we can grow vegetables, garden or fruit for ourselves, why should we buy it? Moreover, it is safe and worry-free as well, because we take care of ourselves with our hands so we can get fresh vegetables and fruits. 

It is a food storehouse in the household that can be eaten all the time and can be maintained without difficulty. But many friends may have limited space for growing fruits and vegetables, but soon because we can only grow with a limited pot or space. lovellatrendy I have to advise on what we will grow well. We are ready and let’s get started. It can help you save money on food as well.

1. Spring onions

In cooking, whether it is fried, curry, boiled, it is indispensable to use onions as a raw material. We can grow them in small pots in a very limited space. For fast food such as Omelette, Tom Yum, Boiled Rice, etc. Eat this often, it can be grown as an ingredient in making your favorite dishes.

2. Celery

For anyone looking for ingredients to deodorize the fishy smell of that fishy food Celery is an alternative, or can be substituted for celery as it is in the same family. Due to the pungent smell, or some people may feel that it smells If you have it next to the kitchen, it is not difficult to grow in the area, just 1 pot.

3. Basil

Actually, the basil can be up to our waist. And the trunk could grow further out But we can actually grow in pots Because in fact Basil, it will not grow too much. It will be cut out for cooking, making it less likely to grow. Speaking of which, it looks so cruel, but we will get a delicious menu of stir-fried basil, pork, and beef basil for this meal, so grow it by yourself.

4. Sprouts

If anyone has grown, it will see that there are many methods of planting. Until recently, it was planted without using soil. However, traditional soil minerals are just another way. Use less space so you can stir-fry pork bean sprouts. Which smells good to eat already on the table

5. Vegetables, salads, salads, water

If anyone who likes a menu of savory dishes that eat together with fresh vegetables each time. It is inevitable that you will have to grow your own food. Yes, we can grow it in a very small area, such as in a 60 cm long pot.

6. Chaya or Chaiya or Mexican kale is used instead of kale.

We can grow regular kale in a plot or in a small pot. Because there are varieties that can be grown even in pots But what will be introduced is Mexican kale, because it is a green leafy plant with three times more nutrients than usual, so it has a very high nutritional value. But wait, we can’t eat raw because it will be toxic to us because it is rich in cyanide. Therefore, it should be cooked 5 minutes earlier for the young plants. But for the old tree, it takes 10-15 minutes, the taste is good, the nutrients are complete.

7. Morning glory

Our popular vegetable greens are inevitable morning glory on the menu. Stir Fried Morning Glory Stir Fried Morning Glory with Crispy Pork It is a quick menu that many people can do. Stir fried, poured rice and you can eat it. We can grow in pots, about the same area as the wheels of a car.

8. Chili

An indispensable ingredient for deliciousness. What is spicy? Which may be accompanied by sour, it can be done in curry or stir-fried dishes, we can grow paprika. Chili peppers in a small pot. Dwarf chili peppers, such as chili peppers, can be grown in a limited area.

9. Tomato

Dwarf tomatoes come in a variety of varieties to make it convenient for you to grow yourself in a pot. People in the city with little space, such as in a condo and apartment, are easy to grow and produce fruit according to the season. Can be harvested as needed

10. Dwarf Orange

We can grow dwarf oranges in a plant pot. When the fruit is fully ripe, you can eat it to your heart’s content. Because one tree produces a lot of fruit There are many varieties of this tiny orange, in addition to being grown for giving each other a gift, it is also an auspicious plant.

How are you? For fruits and vegetables that we offer for urban people who have to live in a limited area. With the lifestyle that everyone has to live in, condos, apartments, or even a house that is not very wide. If the ingredients that we use for cooking, we grow and pay attention to them, we are sure that they will be great ingredients for cooking for your friends. Because of the spiritual value to ourselves and those around us for the vegetables and fruits that we grow ourselves, make it by ourselves, and if the rest, then share it to eat together