5 types of Japanese lunch boxes, cute food

believe that many People probably already know about “bento” or Japanese lunch box. Which is a menu that is full of delicious and full of nutrients. In ufabet Thailand, there are many Japanese restaurants. The shop made it out for sale. But today, Akeru would like to share ideas of cute Japanese lunch boxes for girls to learn to follow.

Before going to see the idea of ​​a lunch box, we will take the girls. Everyone, let’s get to know the types of Japanese lunch boxes first. What is there and how each type is different?

1. Eki-ben

It is a lunch box sold at train stations in Japan. It is considered another unique feature that attracts tourists to fly to try a lot.

2. Koraku Bento

It’s a lunch box that Japanese people will pack for a picnic during the hanami season. or the cherry blossom viewing tradition The raw materials used for cooking will be raw materials that are available in season, sure enough.

3. Aisai Bento

Japanese people say that this type of rice box is a rice box made from love. or if it’s easy to explain Lunch boxes that mothers or wives make for husbands and children To eat at noon, sure enough.

4. Shikaeshi-ben

After we got to know the box of love. Let’s take a look at the rice box of revenge. This type of lunch box is a lunch box that housewives tend to make their husband eat when angry The ingredients of the food are a little strange, such as rice and plum, rice and snacks. It’s called being brutal.

5. Chara-ben

Chara-ben is Character Bento, sure enough, it’s a lunch box that he will make into various characters. make the lunch box look cute It’s delicious to come up there.