“Food for working women”, how to eat to balance life

Girls, do you know that “Working age”It is the age of the most complete and healthy body, and “working age” is also the age that uses the most energy in life. By the energy spent on that work Most of them will be spent using the brain or thinking mainly. Make the body of a working girl or office lady There is a need to have sufficient energy from food. From the lifestyle of working women Most of them will not lack any energy. But on the other hand, it was found that Many office ladies have more energy than they need. Until the cause of overweight and obesity, belly, big legs or large arms that follow. MIRROR wants everyone to be healthy and in good shape. Today, we bring knowledge from a nutritionist, Nestlé (Thai) Co., Ltd. “Chantima Kayanon”, a professional food and nutrition specialist. To tell about how to eat properly and suitable for working women In order to make the body more balanced Let’s go see

How To eat “food for working women” in a balanced way of life.

Divide the plate into 4 portions.

First, girls Should be balance eating with dividing. Working food Into 4 parts, this matter is as important as choosing a complete and varied diet. By eating the right food and suitable for working age most is to eat moderately. And do not eat too much Because the energy we get into the body. It is mostly use just to type your finger on a computer or laptop. Therefore, the excessive amount of food may make women unable to control their weight until they become obese. The principle of eating food is divide into 4 parts by determining the food on every plate. By dividing the food on the plate into 1 part rice or flour, 1 part meat, and 2 parts vegetables and fruit. How to make it is easy. When we get a plate of food Can separate the food into piles and see the proportions If the meat is large in 2 parts, I don’t have to tell if it’s fat or not. But at the same time, if we do not eat rice or flour at all It is not that it is good for the body. Because we will have to use energy to continue to work Here, you have to take into account. Let’s start with this meal. Not long ago, the girls will get used to it and start to follow automatically immediately. Now, each word is taken into account. What kind of shape we want Then eat it.

How to cook food is important.

“Chef, do young working women have to be interested in cooking?” Chef may not have to answer. But the nutritionist answered that “Cooking is very important.” The voice of the office worker immediately aske. “How is it important?” Come here … nutrition experts say This cooking is what makes us fat or thin. The cooking method consists of a variety of ingredients and ingredients. For example, chicken frying has oil as the main ingredient that leads to fat, even though the chicken doesn’t actually contain that much fat. Therefore, the chicken is steamed or bake. Will make us do not need to get excess fat into the body. You can turn your attention to some baked potatoes. Life and health will be balance.

Spicy food helps digestion.

It is believe that eating a lot of chili peppers will help you slim down. This is unlikely to be the full answer. But let’s explain that Eating “spicy” foods contributes to faster digestion of the food we eat. Leaving no residues of food and accumulating into fat Until it becomes a little belly, not only chili, sweet basil leaves, spring onion, ginger, galangal, lemongrass or Tom Yum spices. It contributes to making food easier to digest. Ladies try to find a menu that contains spicy ingredients mixed with it would be good. Such as chicken basil fried rice menu That comes with basil leaves, women should eat very well. Not kicking out. Because if so This menu will not help balance your health.

Working-age protein really important

The last story of “working food” is about “protein” that is very important to the working woman’s body. Each day, working-age women should eat 1 gram of protein per 1 kilogram of weight, for example, weight 60 kilograms, should eat 60 grams of protein as compared to 3 dashes of meat. Recommend you to try going to the market or supermarket and calculate the weight of the meat. How much is that quantity? More importantly, you do not weigh 60 kilograms like an example. Do not accidentally eat 3 matches . fat is dead! Descend as appropriate To fit in with the energy that we need each day.