“Healthy Food”, the food you deserve

Healthy Food, a healthy choice because “food” directly affects “health”, food choices. are important. Today let’s look at 5 types of food, Healthy Food.

1. Organic, not contaminated with chemicals

Organic is a food that can be obtained from nature. No chemical contamination In both production and processing processes By organic food using natural extracts. Which is considered a safe food for consumption and consumption

2. Natural food 95%

Natural is a food made from natural ingredients. It must contain at least 95% natural extracts of all ingredients. If there were less, it cannot be said that … the food is a product with natural extracts.

3. Plant-Based Foods Made From Vegetables

“Plant-Based” foods are made from plants and whole grains, at least 95% of the plant-based diet is not necessary to abstain from meat. But eat in very small portions

4. Health-Specific For people with food allergies

“Health-Specific” healthy food for food allergy. Each food has all its health specifications. Since the diet has reduced the amount of certain ingredients In order to be a food that is more suitable for health

5. Nutrition Boost Foods that add nutrients for health

“Nutrition Boost” food that is highly nutritious. Both from nature And added ingredients or nutrients In order to be more beneficial for health Until being recognized as a Superfood at all.