The charm of Thai “street food”

When talking about street food or street food with foreigners. Thai street food is one of the first things foreigners think of. This makes street food look as one of the traditional Thai culture that foreigners want to try. More importantly, it can also indicate that eating is a big deal for Thai people. No matter which way you walk There is no way to starve to death. Plenty of rice, fish, Thai food. Causing many agencies to rank Thai street food at the top of the world

The World Street Food Congress has named Thai street food as one of the three most famous foods in Thailand. The CNN also ranks Bangkok as one of the 23 cities in the world with the best street food in the world for two years in a row. World Food Market Research Company It is estimated that in 2017, street food in Thailand was able to generate sales of 271,355 million baht, thus attracting tourists and generating income for the country greatly.

It is not surprising that Street Seafood Kitchen, we celebrated the World Tourism Foreign amount that Thailand try to eat our way home. Although it can cause stomach upset. Such as ice, a unit that Thai children chew and play with. Or food that is spicy, watery, teary ears, many Thai people still can eat it. Suffering a little, but eating anyway This is what proves that the intestines of Thai people are as strong as any other nation in the world.

Guarantee that the street food in Thailand is unusual. Until becoming one of the charms of Thailand It can be seen everywhere at street stalls, sidewalk restaurants and non-scheduled markets. (Because there are every day) And what are the charms of street food in our home? To the point of making many people fascinated

What time and what time do you have it?

If you know where and what time, when you can find food without having to rely on ready-made food from convenience stores. Because there are quite a few restaurants that open at night closed day, night sale And stores like this are also selling well. Do not think that it is late for no one to eat. There are quite a few owls. Because living as a community Most of them have restaurants close to home. Which street food is no different from the kitchen of the community. No matter what time The kitchen is always open. And if talking about the cost A matter of cost And time management Street eating can control the budget. And the time was better than going to the market and buying it for myself.

Delicious as the main subject Hygiene is secondary

Street food If looking at the hygiene or cleanliness benefits Almost said in the same voice that rarely But do you believe that the intestines of Thai people are quite healthy? E.coli (E.coli) still cannot do anything for some people. Eat something to focus on delicious first. If it is not unacceptably dirty, most will ignore But each person can choose I don’t like it, just walk by. Like red sausages that are fried on the roadside, everyone knows that they are not wholesome. In addition to the road side, there are dust, car smoke and many other things, but I like to buy Because it’s delicious

There is a wide variety to choose from.

Street food in our country is not easy to find. Living at every moment There is also a wide variety of menus to choose from. Starting from the appetizer menu, appetizers such as fried meatballs, grilled pork, light menus, appetizers before a big meal, or a menu that is serious to eat, focus on full There is a choice of rice, noodles, dry food and water. The menu is similar to rice, but it is easy to eat like fried clams, dumplings, or even desserts . You can say that you just have money. Where are you wandering in Thailand? (That is not in the wild and not in the forest), however, do not starve.