10 essential oils that provide health benefits

Come to please the girls favorite scent of essential oil With the interesting benefits of each scent of essential oils. Because each type of essential oil has different health benefits. So who likes which scent? Don’t miss out on the benefits your body can get from your favorite essential oil. Let’s take a closer look and see what benefits your favorite scent will bring.

1.Tea Tree
Tea Tree essential oil has antifungal properties. Helps reduce the occurrence of dandruff. Helps nourish hair to be shiny. and help reduce inflammation of acne.

Essential oil of Cedarwood or Cedarwood. It is a scent that is suitable for girls. with acne problems Because this essential oil helps to get rid of acne well. Reduces oiliness on the scalp and hair. as well as to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss at the same time ufabet

essential oil, jasmine scent. Help to relieve cough. help reduce anxiety help make a good mood It helps in making you sleep better. Relieve pain after childbirth help menstruation to be normal and help reduce menopause especially irritability

4.Peppermint Peppermint
essential oil relieves headaches. nausea Helps to speed up long hair and effectively prevent hair damage from heat

5.Argan Oil. Argan
oil essential oil helps to nourish and strengthen hair. Helps prevent hair damage caused by heat. suitable for girls with curly hair or split ends It also helps to strengthen nails as well.

Lavender essential oil Helps to relieve stress suitable for girls who often have insomnia or migraine pain It also has properties that help prevent bacteria as well. Therefore, it is often used during the bath or after a new shower.

Rosemary essential oil helps relieve stress and help you feel happy. It also nourishes the hair and hair roots to be strong.

8. Clary Sage Clary Sage
essential oil helps to relax. help reduce anxiety calm the mind and help balance hormones as well as adjusting mood swings in the pre-menstrual period as well

Rose essential oil has a delicate scent. thus helping to relax It also adds moisture and tightens the skin. As well as helping to reduce wrinkles as well.

Eucalyptus essential oil gives off a cool scent. thus giving a feeling of freshness Importantly, this essential oil also contains cineole, which helps reduce inflammation. And can also relieve pain from inflamed muscles as well.

10 fragrances from essential oils that we have picked out for the girls know the benefits of each scent It is very interesting because women can use essential oils for health maintenance, instead of just inhaling the aroma.