“Benefits of green tea” that helps to “slim”

Benefits of green tea. Reasons to wake up to drink “green tea”. Do women ever know? What is green tea? The secret of green tea you need to know. Come on. let’s get to know green tea at the same time.

Know “green tea” that helps to “slim”

What is “green tea”?

“Green tea” is tea that has not been fermented like other tea leaves. But is the introduction of fresh tea leaves in general Came through the heat very quickly. To get dry tea leaves The heat will help the dry tea leaves retain their freshness. And the freshness of the tea leaves itself Making tea also has many benefits And the tea also has a green color, so it is called “green tea”.

The benefits of green tea

– energetic 

– Antioxidants

– Helps burn fat

– Reduces neckstretch

Tips for drinking “green tea”

Recommended to drink “green tea” that is real tea leaves. It is better than drinking instant green tea. Because there will be no sugar by brewing 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves in hot water. Then drink 3 glasses a day during meals It will help burn energy and fat as well. And can help control weight

Did you know? The history of “green tea” was never known.

In 2,737 BC, “green tea” was discovered by an emperor called “Shennong”, a herbalist. To drink only boiled water One day, while resting under a tea tree in the forest. And is boiling water It appeared that the wind had waved a branch. Causing the tea leaves to fall into the water which was close to boiling When he tried drinking, he felt much more energetic. Making green tea the talk of the past.