Check 6 health before illness, balance work

Balance work. Today, more and more workers are sick. Part of it comes from eating what you eat and not exercising. With insufficient sleep and rest Plus working tense as well,

In order to balance work not to be a factor causing illness Let’s check together that Is everyone working too stressed out? From the book “Guide to Eliminate Stress”, there are ways to check your hard work and stress disease out.

1. You usually take your work bag. Laptop computer Mobile phones and other tasks with you outside of work hours?

2. You always take your self-improvement advice book with you on vacation. Because expecting it to improve your life, right?

3. You always check the light on your phone. Returning to the hotel room that there is a message or not.

4. You work more than 47 hours a week.

5. You’re always in a hurry to call. Return check messages from work Or read email No matter where in the world

6. Boss or Secretary Of you always know. How to contact you when you are on vacation?

If you answered yes to just one of the above You should be a member of the unbalanced association.

If you want to enjoy life more fully, it may be time to press the switch to eat, sleep and exercise. To reduce stress and restore balance to life.