Food with “marijuana” is dangerous. If the heat to hight

Food with “marijuana” Beware of the dangers of cannabis- infused food, we recommend checking the ingredients and the ones that come before you buy. Concern as a channel for youth to elevate behavior towards addiction

Where can we eat cannabis? Which part should not eat

Assoc. Prof. Ratsamon Kalayasiri, Center for the Study of Addiction Problems (NESK), Office of the Health Promotion Fund (Thai Health Promotion Foundation ), said that cannabis contains two important substances: CBD and THC. THC in cannabis is intoxicating, with each portion of cannabis containing different THC, while the high THC concentration is not very good in terms of use. Because it makes it toxic and drunk, however, now the law allows some parts to be used in cooking. Only the portions containing low THC, do not add the high THC portions to food.

Edible cannabis Be careful with the amount you put. And the heat used for cooking Jeopardize

Even if it is a food containing marijuana, as permitted by law. This will contain low THC drunk substances, but you must be careful when eating. Adding large quantities of the leaves can increase the accumulation of drunk substances. Additionally, people should not grow marijuana for their own cooking. Since legal planting has to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first, not everyone can grow for cooking.

Bringing hemp leaves to cook. When the cannabis leaves are heated, THC is more active, so cooking cannabis leaves as a food with a heat-treated method must be careful. The more frying the leaves through the oil, the more dangerous. Because it is both through heat and oil To make a lot of extracts May result in increased amounts of drunken substances Therefore must be careful Although some cannabis contains a small percentage of the drunk substance. But if using large quantities The amount of drunken substances can be increased. If you put anything into your body It must be used from the standard and carefully.

How to use marijuana safely in food?

Marijuana is a substance. When taken into the body, it has an intoxicating effect. If necessary, use it safely. The source must be known. Know clearly what’s inside and what are the ingredients If in doubt, ask to check to the FDA first

Currently, cannabis-infused food, people want to try Because it is new in the country But what is worth trying is to try and observe if it is properly authorized or not. We are consumers, we are going to get something into our body. Must first check clearly Which groups of people who are fragile or sensitive to various substances That can easily enter the body It is possible that using the same amount of marijuana as the average person could get more drunk than others. Must be viewed individually