“High blood fat” What causes dangerous diseases?

If we heard the word “fat”, health lovers would feel frustrated quite a bit. Because there is always a need to burn excess fat But did you know that More than frustration is the fear of “Fat in the blood” that may affect life.

” High blood fat ” What causes dangerous diseases?

Dr. Noppadon Ninnennont, MD, specializing in anti-aging and rehabilitation medicine, World Medical Hospital (WMC), stated that in our body, There are two types of fats together: cholesterol and triglycerides.   

  1. Cholesterol is the fat that can be generated from the inside of the body. By synthesis from the liver or intestines And it is caused by foods eaten, such as foods that are spicy, sweet, salty, crunchy snacks, creamery, and milk butter that, if the body gets too much cholesterol, it will cause blood vessels to harden And narrowed blood vessels
  2. Triglycerides Is another fat that your body makes from sugary or starchy foods. Which is the fat that is important for the body. But if triglycerides are elevated, it can be cause by obesity, diabetes , alcohol abuse and taking hormonal or steroid drugs, which can result in narrowing of the arteries, blood flow, and inadequate blood flow to the heart and other organs. Risk of paralysis and paralysis as well.

Causes of hyperlipidemia

  • Hereditary disorders Causing the fat burning system to decrease
  • Eating the wrong nutrition
  • Endocrine diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, liver disease, and some types of kidney disease, etc.
  • The use of steroid drugs, oral contraceptives, etc.
  • Drinking alcohol

People who should check blood lipid levels

  • People age 35 years and over.
  • Family has heart disease
  • Patients with diabetes, disease pressure and high blood.
  • Smoker
  • Alcoholic drinker

Which in a suitable way Physical exams should take place at the age of 35 and should be repeat every 1 to 3 years to monitor the risk of disease and changes in the body. Because health is something that once a loss occurs, the effect is too long to recover. Health check every year Check your health before you are at risk.