How to choose “food according to blood type”

Each person’s blood type affects the food choices they consume. Which are quite different due to the different digestion If choosing to eat the food according to type. It will allow the body to use nutrients to its fullest, on the other hand, if the food does not match the type, it will not be digested. This is a residue in the body and can lead to illness, so you first need to know for yourself what blood type you have. If you do not know yet, go for a blood test first. And choose to eat food that suits you as follows

Food for blood type O

Type O is the blood type that is born before other types. If anyone wants to have a good digestive system Choose foods such as meat or red meat, such as cows, goats, etc. Foods that should be avoided are whole grains, wheat, as they will impair the digestive system, so it will be a good idea to follow these steps. It will help reduce any health problems that may arise. Because the system within the body is invisible

Food for blood type A

Type A is a blood type developed from type O. But they are completely different: eating red meat makes it very difficult to digest. Because the internal organs, the stomach, are low in acidity. It is best to avoid animal products such as milk, butter, eggs, sausages, ham, sausage, and switch to soy milk and vegetable substitutes.

Food for blood type B

Type B is less of a problem when it comes to food choices, as the food system of this group has a balanced digestion, meaning that it is excellently digested in meat, eggs and dairy products. All kinds, especially vegetables that are green

Food for blood type AB

Type AB, it is the last of the other types, and is a combination of two A and B types. But if compared with Group OA and B, they have the most immunity. As for food choices, they are very similar to Group A because they are not suitable for eating meat. But still able to digest dairy products well

The blood type diet is a must. It is a good practice and has been accepted for a long time. That helps prevent the occurrence of food allergies and various diseases effectively. But there are still many people who do not know or ignore the importance of this, so if you are the one who wants to be healthy. Should change the way of eating from today onwards.