The reason we need an annual “health check”

The reason we need an annual health check. Is it time yet. to check upYearly? When it comes to the saying that. prevention is 10 times cheaper than “cure” and knowing the disease early. It would be the best to reduce the loss. Both in terms of the symptoms that caused the injury Or loss of organs Including the loss of life By the way of knowing in advance, a “health check” is probably the one that has the best impact on your overall health. 

However, nowadays there is an alternative medicine like wellness. That allows us to know the weakness of the cells in the body Which is considered as an alternative that many people have started to take care of their own health. At the beginning of this year, We would like to invite the girls to “check-up” in order to plan to take care of themselves. Exercise design Choosing to eat the right body And financial planning for health by today, “Dr. Kobkarn Chunhaswasdikun ” Medical professionals Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital Will tell about the advantages of the “health check” Of the year, let us listen to it at the same time

The reason we need an annual “health check”!

1. Know “disease” in advance

The “health check”  is a physical examination in which the body is normal. No illness With the objective of searching for risk factors and abnormal conditions To know how to prevent the occurrence of serious diseases Like a check for “disease” that may occur in advance This is because many diseases tend to show no symptoms until over time. The symptoms of the disease are more severe. Until unable to cure completely Which could lead to greater losses as well However, on the other hand, when we have a preliminary health examination Where any flaw or start to have problems We will adjust the lifestyle, lifestyle, food, or rush to run. Go to exercise Going to do anything that makes the body better, stronger, or like someone starting to suffer from kidney disease If treated well and treated in a timely manner May have the opportunity to lead a normal life Without having to go on dialysis or dialysis at all 

2. Reduce the rate of loss of life.

At present, Thai people have an increasing number of chronic illnesses that are non-communicable. Until it was the cause of death that followed For example Cancer or heart disease Which is the top cause of death for Thai people From turning to the annual “health check” of the Thai people Causing the graph to show the number of deaths from the aforementioned diseases to be reduced Because the patient has the opportunity to heal that much more.

3. Reduce the risk of developing a genetic disease.

People at risk of a genetic disease It is very important to have regular “check-ups” to reduce the risk of developing that disease. When we check our health often Will reduce the symptoms of illness to be less Until there is a chance that it will not be a genetic disease Because in modern times, medical innovations can edit genes to change genetic diseases as well.

4. Make a financial plan

The “health check” allows us to plan our lives and make financial plans. It is not just a systematic use of money to maintain health. But the health check also allows us to make other financial plans, especially for some people who are business people. Is a worker who creates jobs or raises money for others or their family. Will know in advance when checking that How healthy or bad? Will make it easier to make business decisions And also laying out a people management model Manage transactions well If when changing various lifestyle habits Or take care of your health seriously until it is back to be healthy We can still go to make money. Or help extend working hours to earn money until the age of 80 without burdening their children

5. Reduce wastage of time

Prevention is always cheaper than cure. The “health check” costs thousands of labs. Half a day waste Comparable to the cost of tens of thousands of pills Or wasting months lying in bed This may cause us to lose time to create many other opportunities, such as time to be with loved ones. Time spent keeping the house Or pamper your beloved cat Which now we may not be able to see much of the picture But whenever we go to bed and stay in the hospital And want to cry home When that is the answer.

Okay. this is The reason we need to “check the health”  girls read and hurry and look. Whether we should go for a health check or not yet ?? Next time we will present “Choose a health check”, which type to check? To suit us Stay tuned here. “Health”  is free to visit other articles. Interesting … there are still many more.