The wrong “sitting posture” should not be seated

Come see the “sitting posture” that makes life change! With wrong sitting posture That many people overlook Even if you sit for a long time Or sit until it becomes a habit It can cause problems for the bone or back for the rest of your life. Because the symptoms will gradually accumulate He realized that it had become a “disease”  such as a deformed spine, humpback or herniated disc.

Let’s see today the wrong posture, do you do it on a regular basis or not? If you make it hurry to change it.

Including the wrong “sitting posture” that should not be seated

Sit cross-legged

“Cross-legged” throws your weight down on your bottom, leg, and one foot. Causing poor blood circulation in the legs Will cause herniated discs Scoliosis And herniated disc 

Sitting with a bent back

The “sitting back bent” position will cause the muscles to contract. A congestion of lactic acid Aches around your shoulders, hips, and constant fatigue Finally, the bone will be permanently deformed. And the spine can bend


The “cross-legged” blood circulation in the legs is not good. Until causing beriberi Problematic spine And osteoarthritis

Not sitting full butt

The “low back seat” or “back not close to the chair”, the back muscles work hard. The coccyx does not support the weight fully, neck pain, fracture, humpback without knowing


The “squatting” causes the outer knee bone. Moving slightly forward If you suddenly stand up or stretch your legs Will cause the knee cartilage and the knee bone to collide Until causing pain in the joints Knee arthritis.

“Sitting position” that should be seated!

The correct way to sit is in a “normal sitting position”, keeping your legs straight and comfortably on both sides. With the back attached to the chair cushion And should be a chair with armrests And can adjust the height – low While the desk is working your hands and elbows should be placed on the same plane. Where the shoulders and elbows are at a right angle of 90 degrees.