What causes dark armpit problems?

Dark armpit, we have to say that being a woman is very difficult. Who has to nourish and take care of every part of the body to be beautiful and perfect, always ready to show? and another problem that makes many people People were very worried about each other. Underarm or armpit problems, sure enough. Because you have to remove hair and still need to nourish that skin to be white, smooth, clear again. Otherwise, there will be no more confidence in dressing. Today, we will come to solve the doubt about the problem of underarms are not white and smooth. with a solution to leave the girls together

There are many factors that cause dark armpit problems. Actions, genetics, or even health issues can result in darker armpits.

1. Heredity

It is considered a very difficult factor. Or can’t fix it anyway. The same is true for skin color problems. Because people can’t change our genetics, sure enough. If anyone has a problem with dark underarms from genetics, that may have to do with it because there is no way to make it white. I can only nourish the chicken skin to not bother me, that’s enough.

2. Friction

Friction can have many reasons. Whether it’s plucking, shaving, waxing, scrubbing, rubbing hard armpits. or even wearing clothes that are very tight in the armpit It is the cause of the armpits of girls. darken Therefore, you should choose to wear comfortable clothes. Not tight and does not remove hair with a plucking method. Shave or wax, sure enough.

3. Chemical allergy

Nowadays, there have been many products, such as deodorant products. Bath products, armpit creams, or even hair removal creams. Each product has different ingredients. which resulted in many people People are allergic to irritation. And irritation from allergic reactions to these substances will result in our armpits becoming darker. The best way is to study various products. Before using if there are substances that we are allergic to or not, try applying it on the underarm area first. Because otherwise, if there was a loss, it would be a big deal.

4. Diabetes Problems

Diabetes is another health problem that can result in darkening of the joints. according to the body Whether it’s the neck, armpits, groin, which if a girl has dark circles in this area, it is recommended to see a doctor to check for diabetes first. And gradually come to find a way to take care of the armpits to be white is better.

5. Changed Hormone Levels

It is another factor that can cause the armpits to become darker. which is most common in women who are pregnant As hormone levels in the body change, the body causes more melanocytes to be produced. make the armpits darker But don’t worry. because it can disappear on its own after giving birth