Why eating pineapples and burning your tongue?

Why eating pineapples and burning your tongue?

That we eat pineapple and itchy and itchy tongue This is because an enzyme in pineapples is call “bromelain”, which has the ability to degrade proteins in the intestine. And our tongues are coated with natural proteins. This enzyme is then digested. Causing a burning sensation But don’t panic. Because our tongue

Say goodbye to "acne vulgaris"

Say goodbye to “acne vulgaris”

“Acne vulgaris”  or Acne Aestivale is one of the types of “acne“ that is a problem that bothers women incessantly. We know? Especially during hot weather Blemishes tend to pop more on the face than usual. Makes us feel no less annoyed True, although the treatment is not difficult But it is not

"Office Syndrome", stretch to relax the muscles

“Office Syndrome”, stretch to relax the muscles

Office Syndrome Considered a popular symptom of the working-age group With the behavior of work that has to sit in front of the computer for a long time. The hand is holding the mouse or keyboard in the same position. Including sitting in the hunchback. Or sitting in the wrong

"Healthy Food", the food you deserve

“Healthy Food”, the food you deserve

Healthy Food, a healthy choice because “food” directly affects “health”, food choices. are important. Today let’s look at 5 types of food, Healthy Food. 1. Organic, not contaminated with chemicals Organic is a food that can be obtained from nature. No chemical contamination In both production and processing

Food with "marijuana" is dangerous. If the heat to hight

Food with “marijuana” is dangerous. If the heat to hight

Food with “marijuana” Beware of the dangers of cannabis- infused food, we recommend checking the ingredients and the ones that come before you buy. Concern as a channel for youth to elevate behavior towards addiction Where can we eat cannabis? Which part should not eat Assoc. Prof. Ratsamon Kalayasiri, Center for

"Vegetarian Pizza" This tray is especially

“Vegetarian Pizza” This tray is especially

If you are a vegetarian and you want to eat pizza, what should you do? Feel comfortable Because today, the jar of dot com provides a vegetarian pizza recipe This vegetarian pizza tray has the full name “Barbecue Tofu & Mushroom Pizza”, a recipe from Housekeeper Magazine. I can’t believe

How to choose "food according to blood type"

How to choose “food according to blood type”

Each person’s blood type affects the food choices they consume. Which are quite different due to the different digestion If choosing to eat the food according to type. It will allow the body to use nutrients to its fullest, on the other hand, if the food does not

7 Simple "collect hair" ideas, beautiful hairstyle

7 Simple “collect hair” ideas, beautiful hairstyle

Do Sis girls think the same as when the weather is hot? It makes me feel very annoyed and uncomfortable because when walking around, I have to face a moment of sweat. And also makes you do not want to make up, dress or do beautiful hair as well. Especially

็็"Healthy food, clean food" menus help control weight

“Healthy food, clean food” menus help control weight

This trend of clean eating is not as popular as it was in the past. But it is a trend that is important for people who love to be polite Want to take care of your figure to look good Because exercise may not be the only solution for achieving your