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New Hair Brands at Target, and the Eternal

Checking In: New Hair Brands at Target, and the Eternal

HOMEGIRL. There are so many new hair care lines at Tar-ghey! I’m talking about stuff beyond the usual suspects, a la Pantene, Garnier, L’Oréal. I was there yesterday perusing shampoos, and I almost short circuited in the “clean hair” aisle. There are so many new

The charm of Thai "street food"

The charm of Thai “street food”

When talking about street food or street food with foreigners. Thai street food is one of the first things foreigners think of. This makes street food look as one of the traditional Thai culture that foreigners want to try. More importantly, it can also indicate that eating is a big deal

"High blood fat" What causes dangerous diseases?

“High blood fat” What causes dangerous diseases?

If we heard the word “fat”, health lovers would feel frustrated quite a bit. Because there is always a need to burn excess fat But did you know that More than frustration is the fear of “Fat in the blood” that may affect life. ” High blood fat ” What causes dangerous diseases? Dr. Noppadon