Eat sugar like a pro!, check sugar

Check sugar before eating “fruit”, check “sugar” yet? Ladies do you know? . In the fruit there is quite a bit of sugar. Today we invite everyone to check the sugar content. Each of these types. has different quantities. Some fruits are so overwhelming that we are shocked. But some can eat many pieces. Many of the results. 

While the recommended amount of “sugar” to eat per day is 6 teaspoons, or about 2 tablespoons here, ladies. Don’t panic Fruits are eaten a lot. But this still does not include sugar in food, sweetened beverages, soft drinks, sweets, milk, butter, or even in a side dish.

And when you know this, for anyone who wants to “lose weight” or “control weight”, it is recommended to choose to eat “fruit” together professionally. 

The amount of “sugar” in the “fruit” version of “lose weight”

“Fruit” weight person “normal”

If we do not have diabetes, kidney disease or serious disease. Or do not want to lose weight, these five fruits are considered to be eaten, including

1. Banana in the amount of one fruit contains 2.4 teaspoons of sugar.

2. Monthong durian in quantity of 1 small tablet contains 4.2 teaspoons of sugar.

3. Rambutan in the amount of 1 fruit contains 1.3 teaspoons of sugar.

4. Mangosteen in the amount of one fruit contains 1.4 teaspoons of sugar.

5. One fruit of ripe Nam Dok Mai mango contains 10 teaspoons of sugar.

“Fruit” people want “thin”

Girls who want to “slim” want to “lose weight” come here, yes … all fruits will be eaten well. Please understand again. This is what you should eat. The above may not answer the question, including

6. Pineapple in 5 pieces contains 3.1 teaspoons of sugar.

7. Shogun orange in the amount of one fruit contains 3.2 teaspoons of sugar.

8. 8 pieces of watermelon contains 3.4 teaspoons of sugar.

9. Guava in the amount of one fruit contains 5.8 teaspoons of sugar.

10. Strawberry in the amount of one fruit contains 0.2 teaspoons of sugar.

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