“Office Syndrome”, stretch to relax the muscles

Office Syndrome Considered a popular symptom of the working-age group With the behavior of work that has to sit in front of the computer for a long time. The hand is holding the mouse or keyboard in the same position. Including sitting in the hunchback. Or sitting in the wrong position And stress These are the same muscle groups over and over. Until causing food, muscle aches and pains in various areas of the body

If you are one of those people who like to sit and work for a long time. Then aches and pains Along the neck, shoulder, back or other parts of the body, we want you to start gradually. Change the manner in his work With moving Then come to stretch the muscles with these gestures, follow us Before it turned into chronic pain that it was too difficult to treat.

Stretch to loosen the back neck area

Let’s start with the first position. Use your hands to place it on the back of your head. Then press the head down to feel the tension around the neck. This position will help relax the muscles in your neck. Because one of the common causes of headaches May be due to the tightness of the muscles in the neck Causing the blood to flow that is bad enough

Stretch to loosen the shoulder area

I moved down to the shoulder area. This pose is easy to do. By stretching straight arms to the body Lift the other arm across the body. Push on the upper arm until the shoulder area feels tight. This position is done alternately on both sides. 

Stretching around the thighs + back

Thighs and back are the most popular areas where everyone is suffering from pain, right? We want everyone to stretch one leg forward. And leaned down as much as possible Let your hands touch the toes better. Do the two sides alternately as before. This position will help reduce back pain. But if the pain is severe The stretch will not disappear. We advise everyone to take a stretch. And go to see a specialist doctor Is the next one instead 

Stretching around the hips

Lift your legs, cross your legs to a number 4, press your hands on your knees. And leaned forward Do the same on both sides This position will help stretch out the hip area.

Office Syndrome, do these 4 exercises for 15-30 seconds each, if you can do it every 1-2 hours, it will be even better. Because stretching will help the muscles relax Helps reduce fatigue symptoms when sitting and working for a long time